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: Fall 2008 :

© Cover Art by David Battle



Daniel Harris, Celebrity Deaths
Jeff Porter, Share This
Jeffrey Staiger, James Wood’s Case Against “Hysterical Realism” and Thomas Pynchon
Robert Erwin, Who Was Thomas Eakins?
Carolyn Osborn, The War Victim
Eric Trethewey, Connections and Correspondences
Gregory Orfalea, Obama and the Middle East


Rosellen, Brown Along the Lake
Katherine Longstreet, The Waters of Xochimilco
Paola Peroni, A Mother’s Body
John Bullock, Taller
Jerry McGahan Benediction


Mary Leader, Education for the Likes of Civilization
Eric Pankey, The Dead Go Down to the Stygian Waters
Frederick Smock, Folly Beach
Frederick Smock, Paul Roche, 1916-2007
Richard Kenney, Aristotle and Chiron Compare Notes
Dana Roeser, Pro Vita
Elizabeth Winder, Frances Duncombe’s Dreams Love the Idea of Consequence
Natasha Saje, The Sheep’s Tail
Jillian Weise, After Emily’s No. 745
Umberto Piersanti, Lesser Celandine, trans. by M. F., Rusnak

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