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: Fall 2013 :

© Cover Art by David Battle



Robert S. Fogarty, Cartography 101 with a Twist


Ken Bode, JFK, Earl Long and Blaze Starr: Washington, DC
Thomas J. Cottle, The Case of the Girl
Bruce Fleming, What You Can Learn at a Funeral: Albany, NY
Patricia Foster, Contingencies, Iowa City, IA
Molly Haskell, My Brother Writes a Story, Richmond, VA
James Marcus, Arrive Without Traveling, India
Maureen McCoy, Fair City: Dublin, 1979


Peter Blickle, Internal Security
Kirk Nesset, Three Women
Edith Pearlman, Decorum
Jan Pendleton, Horse People
Julio Ramon Ribeyro, On the Rooftops, translated by John Penuel


Kevin Ducey, Managerial Class
Brandon Krieg, Echolocation
Joseph Harrison, To Trebitsch Lincoln in Hell
Floyd R. Horowitz, Poem for Frances 
Rebecca Cook, Microcosm
Rex Wilder, Were from Boomerangs in the Living Room

From Our Archives

Edwin Z. Fisher, The Art Business Builds a Tower of Babel

Et Cetera

John Taylor, Poetry Today: Standing By Pointlessness: The Poetry of Kiki Dimoula

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