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: Fall 2012 :

© Cover Art by David Battle

Johnny Appleseed and Other Legacies


Robert S. Fogarty


Peter N. Carroll, The Spanish Civil War in the 21st Century: From Guernica to Human Rights
Tomasz Kamusella, Crocodile Skin, or the Fraternal Curtain
William Kerrigan, The Invention of Johnny Appleseed
Ralph Keyes, My Father's FBI File
Jeffrey Meyers, Kafka's Dark Laughter
Jessica Raimi, Ballet School


Ed Allen, Washington, DC: Fisherman's Surprise
Jackson Bliss, The Blue Men Inside My Head
Ariel Dorfman, Honor Among Thieves
Robin Romm, The Healing Room


Andrew Grace, A Brief History of Ohio
Sigman Byrd, Goodnight
Stefanie Wortman, Permanent Collection
Travis Mossotti, Cigar
Jacqueline Osherow, White on White
Arthur Solway, The Studio
Arthur Solway, God and Windshield
Arthur Solway, Friday Night, Shanghai
Ernst Stadler, Twilight in the City, Translated by William Wright and Martin Sheehan<
David Starkey, The Italian Man of Letters
Mark Rubin,
Claudia Burbank, TGIF
Emily Rosko, Uplands, Winter

From Our Archives

Bruce Jay Friedman, The Man They Threw Out of Jets 

Et Cetera

John Taylor, Poetry Today: The Self and its Selves: A Little Tour through Poetic Northern Climes

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