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: Summer 2008 :

© Cover Art by David Battle



Gordon Lish, Physis Versus Nomos
Ed Allen, Chesting or The Little League Bounce Can Be Stopped
Valerie Leff, The Love of My Life
Dawn Raffel, Beyond All Blessing and Song, Praise and Consolation
Kent Nelson, Voice
Victoria Lancelotta, Everything Is Fine
Eugene Marten, Wedding Night
Jason Schwartz, Rock Brake
A. G. Harmon, Native Language
Loreen Niewenhuis, Years and Months
Matthew Vollmer, Scoring
R. Clifton Spargo, The Empty Center
Luther Magnussen, Boats of Mount Desert Island
Teddy Macker, The Wild Rubicon
William Giraldi, Autumn's Girl
Lucrecia Guerrero, Rings


Mark Smith-Soto, Intensive Care
James Cummins, Freud
Angie Hogan, Meditation on a Phrase from Leibniz
Peter Jay Shippy, Daphnis and Chloe
Peter Jay Shippy, Premortem
Fredrick Zydek, Letter to Hoffman Near the Sea
Laurence Weber, Charon's Humor
Lizzie Hutton, Pollen, Cross-Pollen
John Witte, Grace
Hailey Leithauser, Crows
Debora Greger, England in the Dark Ages
Alpay Ulku, Grandfather’s Poems
Dick Allen, Leading a Horse to Water
Adrienne Su, On Not Writing in Cafes

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