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© Cover Art by David Battle

SUMMER  2014


Robert S. Fogarty


Paul Christensen. The Man Next Door
Carrie Cooperider, Small Talk for Monday Morning
Rick DeMarinis, Afternoon in Byzantium
Karl Harshbarger, The American
Carol Hebald, The Feminist Who Hated Her Sisters
Elizabeth Kadetsky, It Was Only Clay
Sheila Kohler, Leopard
Karin Lin-Greenberg. Miller Duskman's Mistakes
Gordon Lish, Troth
Kent Nelson, Fog
Martin Pousson, Flounder
Rebecca Emlinger Roberts, The Reading
Lusia Zaitseva, Migration



Mike Carlson, Flexicore vs. Durastone
Peter Leight, I Don't Believe in Rene Descartes
Scott Coffel, A Few Words Concerning Anthracite
Analicia Sotelo, I'm Trying to Write a Poenm About a Virgin And It's Awful
Anne Pierson Wiese, Peeling Apples
Susan Barba, Dyer Pond
Janice Bowen, Leaving
Robert Clinton, Tale Told Backwards
Judith Harris, Et Cetera
Joshua McKinney, Glory
Eric E. Hyett, Failure to Appear
John Warner Smith, Baptism

From Our Archives

T. Coraghessan Boyle, Fondue

Et Cetera

John Taylor, Poetry Today:  Sandro Penna's Secret Poems