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2013 Alumni Board Election

Cast your ballot for new members of the Antioch College Alumni Association Board of Directors.

Latest News for Alumni

Major Glen Helen Conservation Effort Completed

In the first of two phases, more than half of Glen Helen, a popular recreational destination and environmental education facility owned by Antioch College, has been permanently protected. Read more.

2013 Antioch College Alumni Directory Project Update

(You can also view a list of commonly asked questions about the project.)

We’ve partnered with Harris Connect to produce a new 2013 Alumni Directory. This new directory will include comprehensive biographical listings with contact information, career overviews, and family highlights of our alumni. Directories will be available by pre-sale only. Purchased copies will be delivered sometime in June.

We are in the final stages of information collection. If you would like to submit information for publication, please do so by March 24, 2013. Information updates will not be collected past March 24th. Please help us make this publication full of the latest information about you and your fellow alumni. It will be a fun and useful reference, as well as helpful in keeping Antioch alumni in touch with one another.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Alumni Relations department at alumni@antiochcollege.org or 937-767-2341.

Alumni Spotlights

  • Jonathan Rauberts ’97

    Jonathan Rauberts ’97 says of his second winter on Antioch’s campus, “There were . . . 100 people on campus. It was like being in a protracted horror movie.” Now that Rauberts is a senior art director at Showtime, that background can only come in handy. more :

    Photo of Jonathan Rauberts
  • Anne C. Heller ’73

    Anne C. Heller ’73 talks about her time at the Antioch Review, being at the College during a time of turmoil, and a twenty-page monologue on money that a reader thought sounded just like Suze Orman. more :

    photo of Anne Heller
  • Jennie Knaggs ’01

    Jennie Knaggs ’01 talks about how Environmental Field Program was a great introduction to touring, self-designed majors, and cabaret. more :

    Photo of Jennie Knaggs


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  • Nick Sanders/Brenda Manning

    Nick Sanders ’62 and Brenda Manning ’67 (Dennie Eagleson ’71)

  • Jim Taft

    Jim Taft ’68 (Dennie Eagleson ’71)

  • Tom LaMers

    Tom LaMers ’68 (Jon Baker ’72)

  • Don Coulter

    Don Coulter (MaryAnn Otuwa ’15)

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