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2017 April

Antioch Review contributor Melissa Delbridge ("West Greene and River Bend: Fun and Bait", Memoirs True & False, Fall 2006, Vol. 64 No. 4)  will lead the class, "Asking the Five Hard Questions: An Approach to Revising Memoir" at the North Carolina Writers' Network 2017 Spring Conference on April 22, 2017.

The NCWN 2017 Spring Conference features intensive workshops and sessions in poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction, as well as publisher exhibits, "Lunch With an Author," readings, an open mic, and the third annual "Slush Pile Live!" where panelists comment on and critique anonymous submissions in front of a live audience. The keynote speaker is poet, critic, and essayist Fred Chappell, the former poet laureate of North Carolina and an inductee of the North Carolina Literary Hall of Fame. Registration: www.ncwriters.org.

Melissa Delbridge’s writing and interviews have appeared in Antioch Review, Third Coast, Southern Humanities Review, Poets & Writers, and many other publications. Her memoir Family Bible (University of Iowa Press, 2008) evolved from essays written during her fellowship at Duke University’s John Hope Franklin Center for Interdisciplinary and International Studies and focuses on lessons she learned about sexuality, race, and forgiveness while growing up in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Her fiction and nonfiction have won the GLCA Nonfiction Award, the Theodore Christian Hoepfner Essay Award, and a fiction award from the Southern Women Writers Conference. She lives, teaches, and writes in Chatham County, NC.

2017 March

NewsWorks recently featured author Pia de Jong in "Dutch novelist Pia de John gives the world a window into America" wherein de Jong shares insights about her forary into writing that came about during her "midnight disease" bouts. She also shares her very personal and emotional experience regarding how she coped with one of her beloved children's life-threatening illness as well as her thoughts about "attachment parenting." Ms. de Jong's pieces have been featured in our Spring 2015 ("All She Ever Wanted") and Fall 2015 ("The Bat House") issues.

Antioch Review author Bruce Fleming has written a new book: Saving Madame Bovary, a reflection on modern longing told through the lens of Gustave Flaubert's Madame Bovary. The book, described as a "stay-up-all-night read", will be released in April, 2017, by Frederic C Beil.  Works by Fleming published in the Antioch Review include: "At the Army-Navy Poetry Play-offs" (The Army-Navy Poetry Play-Offs, Vol. 49, No. 4, Fall 1991), "Woolf Cubs: Current Fiction" (Current Fiction I: Virginia's Progeny, "Woolf Cubs", Vol. 52, No. 4, Fall 1994); "Skirting the Precipice: Truth and Audience in Literature" (Hawaiian Epic: The Folding Cliffs, Vol. 56, No. 3, Summer, 1998); "Why I Love Conservatives" (All Essay Issue: "The Real O. J. Story", Vol. 62, No. 2, Spring 2004); "The Deep Springs College Cowboy Lunch" (Cowboy College, Vol. 67, No. 2, Spring 2009); "Postmoderism to Post-Crash: The New Ads in the New York Review of Books” (The Physics of Speed, Vol. 68, No. 4, Fall 2010); "Consider the Videocassette, or: Is Progress Possible?" (Our Doppelganger Moment, Vol. 71, No. 1, Winter 2013); and "Night in the Museum" (The Future of Museums: Challenges and Solutions, Vol. 74, No. 2, Spring 2016)

2017 January

Pre-publication reviews are praising Antioch Review author Peter LaSalle and his new short story collection Sleeping Mask. Kirkus Reviews: "Haunting and evocative . . . . Lasalle's prose is lyrical, at times rhapsodic, and his characters memorable."  Booklist: "Engaging . . . . Lasalle, a literary descendant of Borges and Nabokov, writes with the inventiveness of his predecessors." The collection Sleeping Mask (Bellevue Literary Press: New York) presents 12 meticulously crafted and moving stories, such as “Boys: A New African Fable” about child soldiers sent to raid a girls’ boarding school, and “A Day in the Life of the Illness” about a Virginia Woolf scholar surviving cancer.  “Lunch Across the Bridge,” originally published in the Antioch Review Spring 2010 issue and selected for the anthology Best of the West 2011, deals with a young American couple confronted with drug-war violence in Mexico. Peter LaSalle’s stories have appeared in the Antioch Review since 1982.  Some of these include “A Guide to Some Small Border Airports” (Spring 1990), “The Last Book” (Winter 1996), “What I Found Out About Her” (Winter 2008), and  “Summer Conference Jack” (Summer 2013).

Professor Emeritus, Robert S. Fogarty, Editor of the Antioch Review, will judge for the 2017 Ellie Awards.  Judging will take place at the Columbia Journalism School.

2016 December

Author Laura Glen Louis' story "From the Museum of Found Things," was recently selected as of the Other Distinguished Stories of 2015 in Best American Stories 2016.  The story was originally published the Antioch Review Summer 2015 all fiction issue.

2016 November

Ralph Keyes essay "Smoking with Mom" has been named as a notable essay by The Best America Essays of 2016.  "Smoking with Mom" was originally published in the Winter 2015 issue of The Antioch Review.

2016 October

Antioch College graduate and intern for the Antioch Review, Bianca Stone, poet and visual artist, is the author of Poetry Comics from the Book of Hours (LSU Press, 2016) and Someone Else’s Wedding Vows (Tin House, 2014), and she was artist/collaborator on a special illustrated edition of Anne Carson’s Antiogonick (New Directions, 2015). She runs the Ruth Stone Foundation and Monk Books with her husband, the poet Ben Pease, in Vermont and Brooklyn.

Poet, Adam Scheffler, recently released A Dog's Life. Here, Adam takes on true love, extinction, our fragile enviornment, ware, technology, porn, aging, and our fight againt it, cancer, nuring homes, and death. Adam's poem "On the Discovery that Oleic Acid is the 'Dead Smell' of ants" was originally published in the Spring 2013 issue of The Antioch Review.

On October 25th, Texas Review Press released the debut novel from Jeff P. Jones, Love Give us One Death: Bonnie and Clyde in the Last Days, which was selected by Tracy Daugherty as the winner of the George Garrett Fiction Prize.  The novel also received an Idaho Author Award.  Jones's short story "Iceland" appeared in the Summer 2015 issue of The Antioch Review.